Adult Assessments

Adult psychological assessments address questions about mental health to better understand cognitive, emotional and personality processes. These assessments are useful in treatment planning and determining appropriate services for adults with mental health needs.

Many of our adult assessment clients come in before they start therapy so they can receive an accurate diagnosis and an appropriate referral for psychotherapy. A comprehensive evaluation can identify needs in therapy, highlight issues that may come up in treatment, recommend particular forms of intervention and offer guidance about potential outcomes of treatment.

Additionally, many of our adult assessment clients come in when they feel “stuck” or “stalled” in therapy that is already underway. In this instance, a psychological assessment may be used to confirm or modify the impressions formed by referring therapists through their less structured interactions in therapy.

Several issues can be addressed in a psychological assessment, including:

  • Cognitive/intellectual concerns
  • Attention, focus, organization (e.g., ADHD)
  • Executive functions
  • Personality
  • Mood disorders
  • Learning and memory
  • Relationship difficulties

Note: these services do not include court-ordered evaluations or forensic assessments.