Our Ann Arbor locations are offering both virtual and in-person sessions for your convenience.

Welcome to our Ann Arbor locations!

We provide assessment and evidence-based therapy across the lifespan:

From pregnancy and infant/toddler-parent support to elementary-aged children, tweens, adolescents, and adults.

Dedicated to helping those we serve lead more rewarding, productive, and happier lives.

Waiting Room
Waiting Room

Our Ann Arbor locations provide individually-tailored, integrative care for clients across the lifespan.  Integrative means we combine research on evidence-based treatment methods with input from each individual client about how an approach will fit for them. We recognize that all humans are unique with their own strengths, values, and preferred ways of healing and growing. We respect the diversity of human experience and work compassionately and collaboratively with all our clients. Arbor Psychology Group therapists are LGBTQ+-affirming and culturally sensitive to people of all backgrounds and identities.

Our goal is to provide all our clients with comprehensive and practical intervention plans to increase their resilience and coping abilities. We develop these plans together in specific ways.

We start by really listening to what each client or family is looking for.  Our client care coordinator seeks to match each client with a particular therapist based on feedback.  Our separate locations offer a menu of different services that may be combined in different ways for different individuals and family members.

OT Room

At our original Ann Arbor location, we are particularly proud for our distinctive offerings for parents, young children, and families. We offer parenting consultations to consider which strategies might work best with a child’s individual temperament. We provide parent-child therapy to teach parents how to read their child’s emotional cues and use developmentally-appropriate, sensitive, and effective discipline strategies. We offer individual therapy for children to learn emotion regulation and coping skills, and for parents to bolster their own mental health. We have a dedicated sensory gym where children can work with an occupational therapist on picky eating, learn sensory regulation strategies, and improve their motor skills and coordination. Our speech-language therapist supports children to communicate more effectively and improve their social skills.

Right next door, in our second location, we provide individual therapy for adolescents and adults, couples/marital therapy, and group therapy.

We look forward to partnering with you, exploring and problem-solving challenges, and celebrating your successes as you flourish.