Dedicated to helping children, adolescents and adults lead more rewarding, productive, and happier lives.

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Comprehensive psychological and neuropsychologically-based assessments and intervention plans for developmental, learning, attention, emotional and personality challenges.

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Using evidence-based interventions, our therapists work compassionately and collaboratively with individuals, couples and families to help them achieve their goals.

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Educational Advocacy

We help families negotiate special education (e.g., IEP and 504 Plan intervention), understand complex learning profiles and develop strength-based intervention plans.

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ADHD/Executive Function Coaching

We are pleased to offer performance-coaching services for attention and concentration difficulties, executive function challenges (including procrastination, planning and organization) and academic underachievement.

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Academic Tutoring

Highly targeted and intensive reading, math and writing instruction to elementary-aged children. Skills are taught incrementally and cumulatively to enable mastery of needed skills.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy enhances a child’s independence in everyday activities by improving sensory regulation, motor skills, strength, and executive functioning skills.

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