College Student Assessments

Many students find themselves struggling for the first time in college, graduate or medical school. They may have had subtle learning challenges prior to this point that were managed with intelligence, hard work and/or parental support, but these challenges now can be exacerbated because of an increase in work volume and complexity. New strategies, insights and accommodation/support services, therefore, are needed to help these students achieve their goals.

Why would an adult student seek an assessment?

  • A prior condition necessitates updated testing
  • To address learning difficulties and/or academic underachievement
  • To identify his/her learning style, cognitive strengths and weaknesses
  • To assist with career counseling and educational planning
  • To help with socio-emotional challenges
  • To address problems with attention and concentration
  • To address issues with executive functions (e.g., procrastination, planning, organization, memory and/or inhibition)

Our staff has extensive experience helping adult students successfully manage their challenges, whether subtle or severe. The goals of these assessments are to pinpoint difficulties, identify strengths, provide strategies and intervention plans, and empower the student to advocate for him/herself more effectively. As with all our assessments, the client is provided with a detailed report and personalized intervention plan to help with academic and life success. Additional support can be provided from our extensive referral network of professionals (e.g., tutors, academic coaches, psychotherapists, psychiatrists).

We also can determine whether or not accommodations are merited for tests like the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT and/or professional licensing exams. If accommodations are deemed appropriate for the student based on the assessment, our report will provide documentation and merited accommodations to assist the client while taking these exams.

Because everyone at APG remembers the financial challenges of being in college/graduate school, we are pleased to help adult students by providing sliding scale fee reductions available to those who have an identified financial need. Please call the office for more information about our rates and insurance.