What’s next after an assessment?

Clinical staff at APG will explain assessment results and the recommended intervention plan with you in detail. You also will receive a written analysis and summary of your child’s interests, strengths and challenges; this document will include our suggestions for support and enrichment moving forward.

An important part of the assessment process is sharing the results and intervention plan with your child. This step empowers the child to learn about his/her inherent strengths and new ways to understand his/her areas of challenge and frustration. It also helps demystify seemingly contradictory aspects of herself and/or her learning profile, allows her to embrace her individuality, take ownership of her individuality and use that knowledge to advocate for her own needs.

It is also often recommended that APG staff meet with school personnel so they can understand the results of the evaluation. This allows them to learn about the child’s needs and implement those aspects of the intervention plan that apply in the school environment.