ADHD/Executive Function Coaching

We are pleased to offer performance-coaching services for attention and concentration difficulties, executive function challenges (including procrastination, planning and organization) and academic underachievement.

Our ADHD/Executive Function coaches, Ms. Sarah Kiffner & Ms. Joan Garretson, help students and families understand a child’s strengths and challenges. Based upon your child’s individual profile, they will assist your child with:

  • Setting specific and realistic goals
  • Learning to prioritize
  • Creating necessary structures to stay on track and meet deadlines
  • Utilizing strategies without giving up; becoming a more resilient learner
  • Improving organizational and time management skills
  • Increasing self-motivation and self-monitoring by means of your child’s internal dialogue
  • Learning productive ways to handle details of your child’s daily life
  • Improving personal habits, (e.g., exercise and nutrition)
  • Setting up a more efficient home environment to meet your child’s needs for increased structure and environmental “scaffolding”

Performance coaching is particularly well suited to helping students with ADHD and executive function challenges; however, all students are eligible for these services. Many of the performance coaching services offered at APG are the kinds of skills that developing learners need the most. Ms. Kiffner’s and Ms. Garretson’s focused one-on-one approach works particularly well with young people.