Danielle Lantz Rohlfs, LLMSW

Danielle is a limited licensed clinical social worker specializing in work with women, children and families. She has a specific training and interest in helping parents interpret their children’s behaviors and better understand how to support and advocate for children with special needs. Danielle earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from The University of Michigan. She then earned a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Arizona State University and worked as a special education teacher in a K-8 setting. She earned a Master’s degree in Social Work and Infant Mental Health from Wayne State University. This multidisciplinary training allows Danielle to conceptualize the experiences of clients across the lifespan from a family systems and relationally focused framework, as well as understand the school setting and academic challenges through the lens of an educator.

Danielle worked in both the Infant and Early Childhood Clinic and Perinatal Women and Infant Clinic within the University of Michigan Health System where she gained skills and clinical experience assessing women and children, cultivating therapeutic relationships, creating measurable treatment objectives and implementing a variety of evidence-based interventions. Through her work with women in the perinatal period, Danielle gained specialized clinical skills applicable to this population. She is well versed in challenges in attachment, intergenerational patterns of attachment and trauma, the enduring effects of trauma exposure in early childhood, and mood disturbances related to role transition and a mother’s changing sense of self during pregnancy and postpartum.

Across her career, Danielle’s teaching and clinical experiences include work with children from infancy to high school with challenges related to ASD, ADHD, Emotional Impairment, Learning Disabilities, Cognitive Impairment, Developmental Delays, Mood Disturbances and Anxiety. As a result, she is ideally positioned to understand the developmental needs of children of all ages in the families she serves. Her areas of training include: CBT, DBT, IPT, PCIT, Theraplay, CPP and IMH interventions.

Ms. Rohlfs is directly supervised by Dr. Carolyn Dayton.

Danielle Lantz Rohlfs

Danielle’s Office

Danielle's Office
Danielle's Office