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Greg Hilton, LMSW

In the over 35 years I have worked with people, they have taught me a lot about the inherent goodness and strength that they possess. I view my work with people as a partnership with the goal of assisting them in discovering how they can use their greatest qualities to overcome personal difficulties, so they can live a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

I was initially trained to work with those who suffer with addiction to alcohol and drugs. I have worked in several inpatient drug treatment programs and intensive outpatient drug treatment programs. Since then, I have expanded my work to help people break the cycle of addiction to food, gambling and internet addiction of all kinds. For years as a private clinician I have worked with anxiety, depression, childhood trauma and relationship problems.

I have been a daily practitioner of mindfulness for over 25 years. My own experience with Mindfulness practice and the number of people I have worked with in this area, have shown me how effective Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be in helping people more effectively manage their thoughts and emotions which in turn can reduce their depression, anxiety and addictive behaviors.

Those who have been suffering deserve to learn how to treat themselves with compassion and kindness. To value themselves in a way that can move their lives in a positive direction.

Kathleen Pierson