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Kelly Drake, LMSW

I am a Clinical Social Worker with over 20 year’s of experience. My educational journey began at Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Social Work. I graduated with a Master’s in Social Work from Wayne State University within two years, and began this career of a lifetime.

My foundational theories are based in family systems, psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, and strength-based support. The first fifteen years of my career focused on suicide assessment, and trauma treatment of children ages 4-17. Many of these children were from a very diverse population in the Detroit area, and from single parent homes. I performed assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of children with severe mental illness that included depression, anxiety, Autism, ADHD, reactive attachment disorders, and PTSD. I worked for different community mental health agencies doing prevention within school systems for at-risk children. During this time, I was able to support parents and children in school systems with IEP’s, 504 planning, and creation of behavioral treatment plans.

After this time, I decided to expand treatment to include adults by joining the Army at the age of 37, as an Officer and Clinical Social Worker. The next nine years of my Active-Duty career focused on suicide assessment, and trauma treatment of Soldiers and their families. The military wanted a solution focused approach to treatment of Soldiers, and I would eventually adapt to this support using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and CBT-IN to treat nightmares and sleep. I was also trained in Cognitive Processing Therapy as evidence-based approach for PTSD, and sexual assault, and personality disorders.

My style is calm, collected, and perceptive. I have accurate empathy to offer, and practice with respect, dignity, and confidentiality. I try to move at my client’s pace since being back in the civilian world, but the Army has made me a bit more impatient to produce change as the Soldiers were motivated for change or they would be kicked out of the Army. Change comes through the therapeutic relationship, and I keep this in mind as I transition back to civilian life, and private practice work.

Social Work is a purpose for me, not just a job or means to some other end. I want to thank you all ahead of time for giving me the chance to get to know you, letting me into the most vulnerable places of your life!

Kelly Drake