Our Ann Arbor locations are offering both virtual and in-person sessions for your convenience.

Couples/Marital Therapy

Arbor Psychology Group’s therapists are passionate about providing effective couples therapy:

Marital or couples therapy is offered to support people in relationships who are seeking improved intimacy and understanding, and to those who feel “stuck” in repetitive, entrenched conflicts and may be considering separation or divorce. In marital or couples therapy, the relationship is the focus, although each partner should also expect to focus on increasing their individual self-awareness.

Arbor Psychology Group therapists respect and support healthy relationship development for people of all sexual orientations. We are allies who provide culturally affirming care for those who identify as LGBTQ+ and those exploring their sexuality or gender identification.

Effective therapy will likely address many aspects of the relationship, although communication patterns tend to be the primary focus of marital or couples therapy. In most cases, neither partner is considered the “the problem” rather the relationship is viewed as cycle in which each party contributes positively and negatively to patterns that have developed over time. Evidence-based techniques are used to help both partners better regulate their emotions, develop greater awareness of relationship triggers, and experience a shared sense of emotional safety and connection. Each therapist will work with a couple to collaboratively establish treatment goals. With commitment to the process, couples can expect to become better listeners and communicators and experience a substantively improved sense of intimacy through using relationship skills that offer lasting success.

Types of Marital/Couples Therapy

There are a multitude of different approaches to relationship counseling. For example, Imago Therapy explores how we unconsciously choose partners who reflect the very things that we must work on ourselves. Emotionally-Focused Therapy encourages partners to examine how communication styles or attachment experiences present themselves in interactions. This allows partners to better understand the patterns that play out in their relationship and to better understand one another. The Gottman Method focuses on removing barriers to connection and heightening a sense of empathy and connection. Arbor Psychology Group’s couples therapists blend these different therapeutic approaches to best suit each unique couple.

Frequency and Duration

Marital or couples therapy is often held once per week, but this may vary depending on your therapy goals and whether you are also attending individual sessions. Counseling is often short-term, though healing takes time and, ultimately, the therapy will proceed for as long as the couple is committed to seeing it through or until resolution is reached.

Couples Therapy Intensives

In addition to traditional, weekly couples therapy, Arbor Psychology Group offers Couples Therapy Intensives. In this potent form of treatment, the therapist will meet with a couple for several hours on one day (in-person or virtual) to engage in targeted work from an imago therapy perspective- and then for up to three follow-up sessions.

Meeting for several hours in one day will allow significant progress to occur within a short timeframe. This may be a helpful alternative to weekly couples therapy for those who have limited time to engage in ongoing treatment, have limited resources, or for those who want to jump-start the treatment process.

All new couples will receive a free, 30-minute consultation session to ensure it is the right fit for them. The length of the intensive and the exact number of follow-up sessions will be discussed at the time of the consultation. Each couples-intensive will be tailored to the unique needs of each couple.

To begin the intake process please complete Couples Intake Questionnaire.