Our Ann Arbor locations are offering both virtual and in-person sessions for your convenience.

I can’t believe how lucky I am! As a therapist, I am so privileged to be trusted by individuals who share their life’s journeys with me. My clients allow me to witness their struggles and their growth. They share their vulnerabilities and their successes. It is truly an honor that words cannot adequately express.

In addition to all that, as the director of our team- I get to collaborate with amazing therapists every day. Our practice is multidisciplinary- meaning that we have therapists who specialize in mental health, occupational therapy, and speech-language therapy. Some of our therapists work with children and adolescents, some work with infants/young children and parents, some work with individual adults and couples. We serve the entire lifespan.

Often we work with families who are seen by more than one therapist here. For example, a child might receive occupational therapy and their parents might receive couples therapy. Or a child may participate in a social skills group with one therapist while the parents are learning effective behavioral strategies from another therapist. Sometimes we even do co-treatment together. A child who is a very selective eater might work with an occupational therapist to explore and learn how to approach food in a safe, comfortable way while a psychologist might coach the child on anxiety-management strategies.

Working within a multidisciplinary practice like this is just so much fun! Our frequent collaborations with one another mean that we are learning from one another, brainstorming together, growing our perspectives and knowledge-bases, and seeking and providing support for one another when times are challenging. We have the opportunity to specialize in particular areas so that we are working with the individuals that we are best suited to help. While we know that we, personally, can’t meet everyone’s needs, we can feel confident there is someone within our team who likely has the skills and knowledge needed, when we do not.

The therapists who work here are some of the best humans I know, anywhere. APG therapists are deeply thoughtful and intentional, truly accepting, affirming, and compassionate. We are eager to learn and grow our skills. We don’t stop thinking about the folks we work with when the therapy-hour is over. We are constantly seeking new literature and training opportunities. We geek out on learning new therapy modalities. We are always asking ourselves the questions, “How can I learn more and do better for the people I care for?” “How can I make the most impact on the world- in individual sessions and the greater community?”

Recently, we gathered together for a retreat at a local spa. We reflected on the past five- or-so years that our practice has existed and imagined what the future may hold in store for us. We explored ways we might better implement our values and shared ideas about how we can sustain ourselves in the important work we do.

And then… we participated in yoga classes, received massages, sat in the sauna, ate yummy snacks, and talked and laughed together.

Yep, I really and truly could not be more grateful.